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Until recently, Finding Amoré focused solely on coordinating singles events, for single men and women, in the Southern New Jersey area. After much research on what men and women want from an online dating site, we decided to reconstruct and upgrade our website to a full service online dating site. You spoke and we listened.

Finding Amoré is happy to offer you an online dating website that helps assure that you are meeting real, genuine, honest single men and women. We can accomplish this level of integrity through verifying photos and identities, a more robust and defined match making system, and more.

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Shirley Longtime

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hooked on this dating website

I’m hooked!! I’m happy to be selected to help beta test the site. After experiencing the site and all that it has to offer I believe the founder truly made a dating site that cares about its members time. One top feature that sets this site apart from any dating site today is the ability to upload videos. I believe videos will wean out the people who cannot seem to be honest about themselves. Some other great features available are permission based messaging, for those who
don’t fit your Ideal Match, verification of photos, community rooms and a reward program. Love it!

Online dating the right way

Awesome site! Like Conner I was pleased to be able to beta test the site. I can, with confidence, say that you will love it and all the features and control it will give you. The look, feel and usability is easy, clean, fun and professional. While testing I am really impressed with the quality of matches and of which I have yet to experience with other sites. I’m excited about Finding Amore and meeting someone compatible.

Couple met on Finding Amore
Gretchen P.

I met my husband at an event! Their singles events are fun, comfortable and memorable. I married a fantastic man that I met at an event. It took me till my 7th event to meet him and I am so glad I stuck it out. I wasn’t going to go to any of the events at first, due to how much disgust I had with the whole dating thing. At singles events you have a fabulous chance at meeting a vast amount of local singles. Besides meeting my husband, I’ve made 4 good friends and business connections. The events are a fantastic opportunity to meet professional singles in your own area.

Dr. Anthony

Professional events for professional people. I was skeptical about going to singles events because I was weary as to the type of people present. I’m a doctor and I’m interested in meeting women that hold professional careers. I attended an event in Philadelphia where the cost was rather low and the majority of women didn’t fit the type of woman I desired to meet. Also, they didn’t provide anything with your admission fee except a space and a cash bar. I’m happy these events, geared toward professionals, are available, local and offer quite a bit for your admission fee. I look forward to your events.

Rebecca C.

Loves our singles events I have met the owner of Finding Amore several times and you can tell she takes great pride in her events. She works real hard with trying to have an even ratio of men to women. I’ve been looking for a singles event that focuses on professionals, so you know what type of people you’ll be meeting. I highly recommend going to her events. They will be well worth every penny and every minute of your time.

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