Free and Platinum Benefits



Free Member Benefits

As a Registered Member of Finding Amoré each Member shall be entitled to:

Personal Profile: Each Member may create a personal profile, which must contain a clear picture of their face, preferably from the shoulders up, to be used as the members profile picture;

2. Photos: Members may upload up to 6 photos. Nudity, sexual content, racism, discrimination, harmful acts/gestures, or any other wrong doing or illegal act is NOT permitted in your pictures.;

3. Verification of Photos: Members may request Verification of their photos and in turn they must have at least 5 recent and clear photos with one being a full body photo and a clear and undistorted video on their video page. Being verified will allow you to be included in advanced searches and excluded from messaging restriction of non-verified members.;

4. Messages: You may send 8 messages per month, and You may see if Your messages have been viewed;

5. Messaging – Members that are outside their Ideal Match selections will have to ask permission to message another Member. A Member may revoke the acceptance at any time;

6. Messages – Members may choose key words to filter messages;

7. Videos – Members may upload two 45 second videos every 30 days;

8. Matches – Members will be notified of matches when a Member has accumulated at least 50 points from answered match questions in comparison to other members answers. As well as in comparison to their and other members Ideal Match selections. The total points a match can have is 500. The closer to 500 points the better the match. With this, 50 points may give you a match but that does not mean the match is a great fit. It means they’re either a below average match or they haven’t answered enough match questions. See match making at its finest for a more detailed explanation.;

9. Favorite Notification – Members will be notified when another member favorites them through a members I Want to Meet page, but you will have to be a Platinum Member to see the member who favorited you.;

10. Community Rooms and Forums – Members may reply to topics in the Community Rooms and Forums. If a Free Member wants to create a topic the Member can do so by sending a topic request to Contact Us;

11. Birth Date – Members cannot change their birth date once it’s selected at signup. If you were not truthful of your age and decide being truthful is the best approach you’ll need to delete your current account and create a new account.;

12. Profile – Members can turn their profile on or off at any time;

13. Blocking other Members – Members can block and unblock other Members that message them at any time;

14. Hide – Members can hide and unhide other Members at any time on your “edit profile” page;

15. Report – Members may report other Member’s photos, videos and messages that They believe violate Our Terms of Use.;

16. Favorites – Members may create a favorites list and add other Members to the list at any time;

17. Who’s Viewed Me – Members may see who has viewed Their profile, except for Platinum Members that are browsing the site incognito;

18. Point System – Members will earn points for their activities throughout the site and once they reach 10,000 points they can turn the points in for one free month of a Platinum Membership. Points earned never expire.

19. Rewards Program – After a Member has fully completed their profile; to include but not limited to answering all profile questions, uploading an approved profile picture as stated under Line 1 above, uploading additional photos to include a clear fully body shot, uploading at least one video, answering all Match questions, interacting on the site which can be verified through the Points they’ve acquired and who is compliant with Our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policies will then be automatically entered into our Rewards Program to win gift certificates.


Platinum Member Benefits

In addition to the Free Member Benefits listed above, Platinum Members will be entitled to:

1. Photos – Platinum Members may post unlimited photos. Nudity, sexual content, racism, discrimination, harmful acts/gestures, or any other wrong doing or illegal act in pictures is NOT permitted.;

2. Messaging – Platinum Members are entitled to unlimited messaging;

3. Messaging Limitations – Platinum Members may limit messages to include only Members with videos and/or photos and/or Members who have been Verified.;

4. Videos – Platinum Members may post unlimited videos of 1 minute and 20 seconds each;

5. Verification of Identity – Coming Soon! Platinum Members may request that their identity be verified by a 3rd party institution.;

6. Wants to Meet You / Favorite Notification – Platinum Members will be notified if a member favorites them, a Member will be able to see which members favorite them and may see the date and time of when a member favorites them on their Wants To Meet You page;

7. Visible or Invisible – Platinum Members will have the ability to browse other Member’s pages incognito and the other Member will not know they visited their page;

8. Who has Viewed Me – Platinum Members may see who has viewed their profile by date and time; except for other Platinum Members that are browsing the site incognito;

9. Community Rooms and Forums – Platinum Members may create topics and reply to topics;

10. Search Criteria – The search criteria of Platinum Members will be automatically saved, so a member does not have to re-select options.;

11. Browse Members – Platinum Members may also browse and search other Members by income, body type, Verified Members, Members with videos, last visit and online now;

12. Ad Free Browsing – Platinum Members may browse and search other Members without seeing any advertising on Our site.;

13. Unlock Match Question Comparison – Platinum Members may see side by side answers to match questions;

14. Profile Themes – Platinum Members may choose a theme for their profile that expresses their interests (e.g. art, science, sports, music, etc);

15. Point System – Platinum Members will earn points for their activities throughout the site and once they reach 10,000 points they can turn the points in for one free month of a Platinum Membership. Points earned never expire. Platinum Members may choose to gift their Reward Points to other Members if they so choose;

16. Paid Transactions History – Platinum Members will be able to view their paid transactions history even if they return to Free Member status.


Other added benefits for a Platinum Member:
* You can be featured on our home page, unless you opt out
* Increase in e-mails that fit your match preferences
* Number of members finding you and seeing you triples
All of the above benefits will have a significant impact on you finding that special someone.


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