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Identifying Scams


This will help you to identify possible scams and know when to report suspicious activity.

Detecting a Scam

Everyone would like to believe that whom they’re speaking to is someone sincere. Unfortunately that is not always the case and you need to be aware of behavior to look for, to know if someone is trying to scam you. This will not only help you on our site but may help you when interacting on other sites and with people you meet while out and about on a daily basis.

Finding Amoré cares very much for our community and we believe in implementing fraud detection systems to protect you. However, even though we put these measures in place we need your help!

Below is a list of some examples of scamming behavior. If you experience any of this behavior we ask that you stop communication, report him or her to Finding Amoré immediately and block them. To report a member simply click on the sad face inside any of their videos or pictures and anywhere they’ve posted in the forums, and select your reason, or email us directly at Report@FindingAmore.net. To block a member simply click on the block icon Block icon in a message they sent you or go to your profile, click the gear wheel, click edit profile, scroll down to Block User and type in their username.

Remember, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe online and it should always be your top priority. If you allow yourself to be scammed your money will be gone with no means of finding the person who took it. Be smart and always question someone who is asking you for anything but your time.

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