Listing Your Matches

Your Matches
Behind the scenes working at high capacity to provide you top notch matches.


Editing your “My Ideal Match Is”
To change the sexual orientation, age range, distance, marital status, relationship type, etc of the people you’d like to meet simply go to your profile (found on the menu as My Profile), click on the gear icon opposite your username, click on edit profile, go to the bottom of the second page and change your selections at will. Every change you make will be automatic and our algorithm will go right to work.


Want Better Matches?
Answer all match questions and answer them honestly. Refer to the Match Making Questions page for further clarity.


Hiding Yourself From Specific Members/Matches “Hide Me From”
At Finding Amoré you have the ability to hide any member you no longer want to see while you’re out and about on the site. That includes, but not limited to, match searches, rate me, log in screen, who’s viewed you, and who wants to meet you. If you choose this feature please know you will be hidden from this member also.

Go to your profile, click the gear icon opposite your username, click on edit profile, scroll to the bottom of the first page, click on the box next to “Hide Me From” and type in the username of the member you want to be hidden from.  An example for hiding a member would be because you went out on a date and found you have no further interest. But the person did not do anything to warrant you blocking them.

Please note: This is not member blocking and they are still able to message you and vise versa. To completely block a member go to your messages, open a message they sent you and click the block icon. To see a list of your blocked members and to unblock a member go to your profile, click on “My Account” and click on Privacy.


Seeing the list of Hidden Members/Matches
You can view all members you have hidden on your edit profile page by following the instructions mentioned above.


Un-Hiding Members
You can un-hide a member as easily as you hid them. Go to your profile, click on the gear icon opposite your username, click on edit profile, scroll down the first page to Hide Me From and delete any username you’ve entered.


Browse Members
How Browsing for Members Works
Browse Members helps you locate members that you pre-define in your search. You can search by an array of characteristics from gender, height, age, distance, and much more. You can change your search criteria as much as you want. If you want to save your search criteria, so you’re not reentering it every time, you can do so when you’ve upgraded to a Platinum member. Please keep in mind that searches bypass the matchmaking algorithm.

There are 4 types of searches. Basic, Advanced, Platinum, and Username.

All your search options will be selected by means of a drop down window. Once you’ve selected all your preferences select search and you’re on your way to generating a list of results. All your results will appear at the bottom of whatever search page you’re on.

Basic Search
Is just that, basic. You can choose from orientation, height range, age range, intent, education, ethnicity, eye color, hair color/bald, distance and relationship type.

Advanced Search Feature
If you’d like to be more detailed in your search criteria then this feature will help you achieve your goals. You can narrow down your search even more by including city/state, zodiac sign, religion, children, marital status, profession and much more.

Platinum Search
These options are exclusive to only Platinum members. This will provide an even more defined search option that gives you the ability to search by income, body type, verified members only, members with videos, last visit and online now.

If you want any of these search options simply upgrade to Platinum. On the Go Platinum page you will be given the option to purchase a Platinum membership of your choice, as well as see a full list of benefits you’ll receive when upgraded to a Platinum member.

Username Search
Here you can type in a person’s username/profile name, click search and be shown basic information that includes their profile pic. You will then have the option of going to their profile by clicking on their profile pic.


Singles Events Search
By going to the Singles Events page you can search for events in your area or another area. You can search for singles events by city and state or within a chosen mile range from your current location. Check back often for we’re working hard to create singles events in more areas.

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