Match Making at its Finest

Match Making Algorithm

Finding Amoré proprietary match making algorithm is based on mathematics and can be made to sound extremely cerebral. But amazingly, it can also be expressed easily in everyday terms. Here’s how it works.

After creating your account, you will answer some very important profile questions and your answers are included in the mathematical match making algorithm. So please be completely honest with your answers. We ask these questions to get to know you and the type of person you are looking for. These answers will also help another member, when visiting your profile, determine if they would like to contact you. After completing your profile you will take the match making questionnaire. The questionnaire will consist of 150 to 200 questions broken out into 4 categories, and please answer all questions in all categories. If you need to stop for any reason you can do so and return to finish. The questions are multiple choice, and some are short and sweet. The time you take to honestly answer the match questions will be very beneficial to you, as well as our goal in matching you to the right people.

There are three key elements to answering the questions:

1. Answer each question honestly–it’s really the ONLY way to make matchmaking work
2. Answer the questions again but answer the way you want your ideal match to answer
3. Let us know how important each question is to you–you’ll give each question a rank

You will have the opportunity to go back and change your answers, the answers of your ideal match and the level of importance to you. You will be able to make changes to your answers after 24 to 48 hours from when you initially answered them.

The algorithm is very accurate– but effective only if you’ve been entirely truthful. Remember this, true answers will help lead to true love.

How the algorithm works:

Once you’ve answered all the questions these answers are recorded in our database. You can then go on your profile page and click “View Matches” and our algorithm goes to work looking for the person who not only fits your criteria, but also who answered the most important questions just the way you wanted them to answer. But this is only half the equation.

The algorithm works both ways–people will be searching for someone just like you.
When we find someone that’s a great match for you we need to check to make sure that you are also a great match for them. So, when you view your matches, you’ll already know that not only are they a good match for you but also that you’re a good match for them. After that, the rest is up to you 🙂

If you go back and change your answers to any of your matchmaking questions, the answers of how you’d like your ideal match to answer and/or importance level, the algorithm will go to work in recalculating your matches and will provide you with potential new matches.

Algorithm Details

The algorithm first looks for matches based on your answers for following ten “My Ideal Match” for filters.

Sexual Identity
Age Range
Desired body type
Minimum Height
Maximum Height
Distance from me
Marital status
Relationship types

Once the algorithm selects members that match the above ten filters, it then looks for exact answer matches to every one of the match making questions.

Points are assigned to each matched answer. The amount of points assigned depends on how important the question is to the member.

If a member says a particular question is of Utmost Importance to them, 10 points are assigned to an exact match.

If a member says a particular question is Slightly Important to them, 6 points are assigned to an exact match.

Points are also assigned to questions answered as Not Important. See below for these point values.

The “Amoré Algorithm” not only finds matches that you will like, but simultaneously determines if that potential match will also like you.

So the algorithm calculates two sets of point totals:

One total showing how other members answered the way you wanted them to and the other total showing how closely your answers mirrored the way they wanted you to answer.

The algorithm simply adds the two point totals together and ranks them highest to lowest. Your best matches will show at the top of your matches page.


Match Making Points

The more questions you answer the more likely you’ll find better matches. In fact, unless you answer at least 50 questions you probably won’t see any matches. Matches need to score at least 100 points before they show. Answering ALL of the questions, even if they aren’t important to you, allows the match making algorithm to perform at its best.

What is a “Good” point total?

Theoretically, two members could answer all the match making questions exactly as each other wanted. This would represent a perfect score of nearly 4,000 points. However, as you may guess, that scenario is very unlikely.

The table below will help determine if the points you are seeing with your matches are better than average or worse than average based on the number of questions answered.


Number of Questions Answered Average Point Total
50 125
75 188
100 250
125 313
150 375
175 438
ALL 500


Using the table above, a good point total would be any number greater than the average point total for the amount of questions answered.

For example, if you answered 100 questions and one of your matches scored above 265 points you can consider that match as above the average of 250 points. The higher the number is above 250, the better the match.

Remember, if you answer more questions, you’ll have higher quality matches.

Of course, the goal is to answer all of the match making questions and to do so as honestly as possible. Only then will you be taking full advantage of the Amazing Amoré Algorithm.

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