Match Making Questions

We can’t stress enough on the importance of you being completely honest with your answer to every match question.


Match Question Categories

You will have 4 categories of match questions to answer.

1.) Cleanliness:   Consists of 12 questions geared around how clean and organized you are and what you will accept from others.

2.) Sexual Preferences:   Consists of 24 questions based on your sexual nature.

3.) Personality:   Consists of 95 in depth questions geared toward letting others know what you are all about and what you’re looking for.

4.) Desires and Beliefs:   Consists of 64 questions that focuses on your life desires, your deep rooted beliefs and what you want from your match.


Answering All Questions

Each match question will consist of:
1.) Initial question:   For you to answer based upon your true feelings.

2.) Your Ideal Match Answers:   Pick the answer(s) you’d like your Ideal Match to choose.

3.) Importance Level:   Choose what level of importance the question has. Choose from “Utmost Importance”, “Slightly Important” or “Not Important”. If you choose the selection “Not Important” for a question, then the question will not be considered when finding matches for you. Also, try not to answer too many questions as Not Important for that will limit the matches you receive, as well as present yourself as someone who doesn’t care about much.

4.) Brief Description:   This will be an open dialog box where you have the option to clarify an answer you’ve chosen.

If you’d like to skip a question for any reason just click on the next button to go to the next question, and the skipped question will not be included in your match search. You can also choose the importance level of “Not Important” which holds the same value as not answering the question. Any question you use for this approach will not be included in the match making process.

Do Not excessively use the “Not Important” importance level option. For if you do you, it will make it statistically difficult for us to accurately match you to other people. The Importance level section is rather crucial for match making purposes, for it plays a major role in producing successful match results. It’s rather difficult to find a match for someone who cares very little. Also, you don’t want to come off as seeming like someone who doesn’t care about anything. Our questions are the result of extensive research and are designed to create as complete of a profile as possible for you.

Your answers are public to anyone on the site, but nothing further than that. If you want an answer private you can skip the question all together; and bring up the question and your answer while conversing on the site or while on a date.


Exit Edit Mode

You can click exit edit mode to return to your profile whenever you are done with your match questions or any area of your profile. You do not need to save any of your work for our website will do that automatically for you.


Finishing Unanswered Questions

Save Spot and Get Spot
If you are in a specific category and you don’t have time to finish answering the questions in that category you can click on Save Spot. So when you return to finish that category you can click on Get Spot and you will be taken to your next unanswered question, so you will not have to scroll through each question in that category to find where you left off. Save Spot and Get Spot is located at the bottom of every Match Question.

Please Note: Save Spot and Get Spot is only available for one match category at a time. So if you use it on Personality and then use it on Desires and Beliefs the Save Spot and Get Spot will override the Personality saved location and replace it with the Desires and Beliefs location.


Changing Your Answers, Answering Your Skipped Questions and Deleting Your Answers

If you’d like to change your answer for any reason you can do so within 24 hours after your initial answer was made and if you’d like to answer a skipped question you can do so at any time. Simply go to your Profile (My Profile from the top right menu icon), click the gear wheel opposite your username, click edit profile, select the match question category (on your profile menu bar) that contains the answer you’d like to change and change your answer. You do not need to save your new answer for our website will automatically do that for you. Click Exit Edit Mode when you’re done to return to your profile, click any icon on your menu bar or click any page in the Menu, at the top right, to go to another section of your account.

When you change an answer our match making algorithm will go to work accepting your new answer and will start the search for new matches. When you answer a skipped question our match making algorithm will go to work immediately looking for new matches. However, try not to change your answers too often. Doing so will result in members thinking you are wishy washy and not sure of who you are or what you want. This is a direct reflection on you.

You can also delete/clear all your answers for the match questions and start over if you like. To do this simply go to your Profile, click the gear wheel opposite your username, select My Account, go to Account and select Clear All Match Answers. We placed this selection in your Account and not in your Match Question area because we do not want you to inadvertently click this icon. Note: If you choose to delete all your answers and start over you will not be able to undo your selection and you will have to start over.

The Truth or Not the Truth, That is the Answer

If you’re thinking of only answering the questions in a fashion, which you think, will give you more and better matches then we’re here to tell you your efforts will be wasted. If you do this, inevitably your matches won’t be interested in you and vise versa. Besides, if you go out on a date the truth will come out. One of the top reasons people join an online dating site is because of the convenience and time saving elements it presents. Honesty will ensure that you will get better matches and spend your time wisely.

We can’t stress enough how very important it is to be honest, with yourself and others. Finding Amorés’ matching algorithm matches people on interest and level of interest. Anything other than truthful answers will hinder the match making algorithm from working properly. Honesty and thus accuracy of the match making is totally under your control.

Finding Amoré is all about getting you connected with the right person.

Comparing Match Questions

ALL Members

All members will be able to see the answers another member chose for each match question they answered. If you want your answers alongside their answers to see a true comparison you’ll need to upgrade to a Platinum account. Seeing their answers will give you a better knowledge of what a member is about, allow you to see any comments made on any given selection and will allow you to come up with things to talk about.

Platinum Members

Comparing Match Questions/Answers

You can view other member’s answers alongside yours; and the answers they and you have different will appear in orange.

Relevance of Questions

All questions are relevant and will have a scale of relevance associated with them.
Perfect example is the Sexual Preference questions.
Some people may find these questions out of context but if you answer them, it will help us in grouping you with others that feel the same and are good matches. Many people find a great sex life as very important in a relationship and we need to take all ages into account. We took quite a bit of time in selecting the right questions to ask when it has to do with personality, hobbies, interest level and overall cleanliness. So, bear with us when we ask questions. And only know it’s to define you and your interest even more.

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