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Men Women Videos and Online Dating

Have you ever spent countless hours getting to know someone online and excited at that first meeting, only to find out they’re not at all what they portrayed?
In terms of:
1.) Body type
2.) Age
3.) Height
4.) Overall looks

At FindingAmoré.net, we feel your frustration and that is why we’re very happy and excited to offer you an online dating site that allows ALL members to upload videos.
Before we started putting pen to paper and designing the website, we wanted to do extensive research on what men and women most wanted to see from an online dating site. You guessed it–the ability for all members to upload videos, and to allow them to do this for free. We then asked why this feature was so important to them, and received a plethora of reasons. All their reasons were different but inevitably the same. They all wanted a better way to get to know the real person, for whom they have interest in speaking to, and in turn not have their time wasted by deceitful people. And Finding Amoré fully agrees.

The ability to upload videos will give you the chance at truly showing other members the real you. There’s no more guessing games if the pictures on someone’s profile are accurate and up to date as well as knowing the body type of someone. One of the biggest reasons we received, was being assured of someones body type and a true sense of their age. I think you’ll agree with us when we say, lying about what one truly looks like in a video is rather impossible. And the only way to possibly do this is to have someone else portray them in the video. But the person would also have to lie about the pictures they post as well. That’s a lot of work to try and deceive someone. You  don’t have to worry about this for we will have safeguards in place to try our best and make sure this won’t happen.

No matter what dating site you’re on, you will always hear that your profile should be creative, exciting, inviting and portraying the real you. That’s why we, at FindingAmoré.net, are allowing our members to to create and upload a video. In a video you can be you, show people who you truly are, speak indirectly to them, be creative and overall have fun making the video. If you need guidance for your video creation please look for future blogs, “How to create a video for my profile?” and “What are some ideas for creating a video?”

Finding Amoré’s goal is to bring together real, genuine and honest single men and women in an easy and fun way. And we strongly feel videos will play a great part in your success in meeting that special someone on our site. See you on the inside.

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others. ~ Wayne Dyer.

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