Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings
Your privacy controls at your fingertips.

Visible or Invisible Browsing
When browsing other member profiles you will be visible to them, as in they’ll see you visited and checked out their profile. You will then be listed on their Notifications page. You can change your privacy to invisible, incognito browsing, where you will not be shown to any member when you visit their profile. This is a feature exclusively for Platinum members. If you’re interested in this feature you can go here.

Hide Members
At Finding Amoré you have the ability to hide any member you no longer want to see while you’re out and about on the site. That includes, but not limited to, match searches, rate me, log in screen, who’s viewed you, and who wants to meet you. If you choose this feature please know you will be hidden from this member also. Go to edit profile and type their user name in the “Hide Me From” box.
An example for hiding a member would be because you went out on a date and found you have no further interest. But the person did not do anything to you to warrant them to be blocked.
Please note:  This is not member blocking and they are still able to message you and vise versa. To completely block a member see below.

What Information we Gather
Please refer to our Privacy Policy concerning what information we gather from you and how that information is used.

Your personal information
Other members do not have permission or access to your real name, email address, phone numbers, and credit card information for upgrades or any other personal information not listed on your profile.

The only information Finding Amoré members see is what you have posted on your profile. This includes all answered questions, write ups on yourself, your profile name, your pictures, your videos, what you portray, as well as any other information you provide while communicating with members.

Your Updates
Your actions throughout Finding Amoré may appear in select sections of the site. Example would be the sign up/log in screen. Other activities would include:

1. Changing your profile pic
2. Uploading a photo
3. Uploading a video
4. Updating your preference
5. Getting Verified
6. Completing a series of match questions from your profile edit page

Finding Amoré uses a SSL Certificate, otherwise known as https, that securely encrypts the sensitive information you provide us. We use the SSL certificate for:
1. Your sign up page where you’re providing personal information such as email, full birth date, etc.
2. Your login when entering your user name and password
3. Your purchase of a platinum membership, where you enter your credit card information.
4. Your purchase of a single event admission.

Blocking or Unblocking
If someone is annoying you or not respecting you, you have the capability of completely blocking any member. You can do this by:
Going to your Profile page and click messages . Then, just to the right of their message click “Block user”.

Once you block someone their ability to contact you in any way is suspended, and your ability to contact them is suspended as well. Also, they will not be able to view your profile and you will not be able to view theirs.
You will follow the same procedures to unblock a member, if you change your mind.

Harassment, Spam & Violations
Here at Finding Amoré we have NO tolerance to harassment, spam, and violations to our Terms of Use Policy. We have this policy in place for a reason. If you haven’t read the policy then now is the perfect time.

If you are experiencing harassment, spam or any behavior that violates our Terms of Use Policy please take detailed notes, along with dates and times, and let us know. When contacting us, please provide as much detail as possible. If Finding Amoré is to take action against another member by means of deleting and banning their profile we need to be completely sure of our decision. We do not want any member uncomfortable on our site, EVER. If someone is disrespecting you they are also disrespecting Finding Amoré. We are a family here and we look out for one another. So please report them when any of the above, unfortunately, happens. Your report is 100% confidential. We will address the issue promptly.

If you need to report someone you can do so by visiting their profile and clicking on the “thumbs down” icon located right above their profile picture, right next to the “hide” button. You can also click on the thumbs down icon located at the bottom of any email they’ve sent you.

Please note:
We “do not” allow married people or people in committed relationships on our site! This is a singles online dating website and married/committed people are not included in the singles category. If you need us to describe what single is, then you’re more than likely not single. If you know someone on our site that is married or in a committed relationship please let us know, accompanied by solid proof. Once proof has been established their profile will be deleted.

We “do allow” gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people on our site. So reporting them because you don’t agree with their sexual preference or lifestyle “will not” get them deleted or banned from our site. Like our slogan declares…..”Everyone deserves love!” Just be honest, upfront, truthful and sincere about who you are and with your intentions.

If it’s determined that a member is trying to deceive another member, misrepresent themselves in any way or are in violation of our Terms of Use Policy Finding Amoré will be forced to delete and ban that member for life.

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