I have met the owner of Finding Amore several times and you can tell she takes great
pride in her events. She works real hard with trying to have an even ratio of men to
women. I’ve been looking for a singles event that focuses on professionals, so you
know what type of people you’ll be meeting. I highly recommend going to her events.
They will be well worth every penny and every minute of your time.
Truly, Rebecca Cario
I was always skeptical about going to singles events because I was weary as to the type
of people present. I am a doctor and I am interested in meeting women that
hold professional careers. I attended an event in Philadelphia were the cost was rather
low and the majority of women there did not fit the type of woman I desired to meet.
Also, they did not provide anything with your admission fee except a space and a cash
bar. I am happy these events, geared toward professionals, are available and are local.
And by their venue they offer quite a bit for your admission fee. I look forward to
going to your events. Dr Anthony Barkett
I highly recommend these events. They are fun, comfortable and memorable. I am
currently married, 6 months now, to a fantastic man that I met at an event. It took me
till my 7th event to meet him and I am so glad I stuck it out. I wasn’t going to go to
any of the events at first, due to how much disgust I had with the whole dating thing.
There’s a tremendous benefit to attending live singles events. You have a fabulous
chance at meeting a large amount of local singles. Outside of meeting my husband I
have made 4 really good friends and several long term business connections. The
events are a fantastic opportunity to meet an abundance of professional singles in one
location and in your own area.
To Your Soul Searching Success!
Gretchen P.

Finding Amoré LLC a/k/a Finding Amoré®