Your Account

Your Account
If you don’t see your questions listed below Contact us and be as detailed as possible.

Changes To Your Settings
Your edit profile page will provide you with these account options, depending on membership level.

Here’s a helpful list:

  1. Change your password.
  2. Change your username and birth date. You can change your username at any time and you will have the opportunity to change your birth date within 2 weeks of your sign up date only. More details about upgrading to Platinum are available on this page.
  3. Change your email – Confirmation email will be sent.
  4. Change notifications you receive and their frequency.
  5. Privacy settings page??
  6. Incognito/anonymous settings to turn on or off.
  7. Tracking settings??
  8. Turning your profile off/disabling/hiding your profile. This will remove your profile from others view and you won’t receive any notifications from us. Unless it’s to wish you a happy birthday, holiday or announce a special offer. To reactivate your profile you just need to sign in and enable your profile again.
  9. Deleting your profile – This is permanent and cannot be undone. So please make sure you want to leave us. Your profile name will be retired for 3 months/90 days. If you decide to return to Finding Amoré during these 90 days you will need to create a new profile name.
  10. Additional settings

Problems
If you are having problems please try one of the following:

  1. Make sure your clock on your computer is set to the right time. If your computer clock is not correct it can cause problems with signing in. If you have to change the time on your clock please do so. Then restart your internet browser and try signing in again. Sometimes you may have to restart your computer as well.
  2. When was the last time you cleared your web browsers cache and cookies? Not clearing your web browsers cache and cookies regularly can cause problems with signing in, among other problems while on the web.
  3. Forgot your password? Click “Forgot my password” on the login page.
  4. To change your password simply click here to reset your password
  5. Still having problems? Go to the Contact page and send us an email. Please be as detailed as possible.

Email Subscription / Unsubscribe from Our emails
Go to the gear icon and click my account then select the subscription icon to change the types of e-mail messages you receive from Finding Amoré. You will be able to select what emails you want from us or opt out of receiving e-mails completely.

Username and Birth Date Change
You can change your username at anytime and you can change your birth date within 2 weeks after you sign up in your edit profile page, in your account. After 2 weeks the option to change your birth date will no longer be available unless you upgrade to a platinum account. If you need to change your birth date after the 2 week threshold, but do not want to upgrade to a platinum account, you will have to create a new profile.

Go Platinum
Platinum enables all the premium features the site has to offer and providing you with the most rewarding experience. Learn more here about the benefits of going Platinum.

Cancel Platinum Account
If you no longer want to be a Platinum member you can cancel your account at any time by navigating to your Settings => Platinum account settings page; or simply click on the Platinum icon at the top of any page. Then, click on billing and click on cancel. Along with canceling your platinum account you can also delete all your billing information.

Disable Profile Account
At any time you can disable or make your account inactive and unseen to other members at your Privacy settings page. When you do this your profile will be hidden from the site, and you can turn it back on, if you choose, when you sign back in.

Deleting your Profile Account
Finding Amoré will be very sad to see you go; but very happy if you’re leaving because you met someone from our site or elsewhere. Simply go to your Privacy settings page and scroll down to delete. Click on delete and follow the instructions.

Please note: Make sure you are certain you want to delete your account, and not just disable your account! Deleting your account can not be undone and is permanent; whereas disabling your account can be undone. Once your account is deleted it’s gone for good. If you decide to return to Finding Amoré you will have to create a whole new account. So please choose wisely between deleting or disabling your account.

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