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If you don’t see your question listed below Contact Us and be as specific and detailed as possible.


Benefits for Free Members and Platinum Members
Click HERE to see all member benefits for both free members and platinum members.


How do I sign up?
It’s easy and Free. Simply go to our home page at and click on Sign Up. Signing up is free to all. Answer the simple questions and submit. After you verify your email you’ll come back to upload your photos, a video if you wish and complete your profile. Search features will become available to you after you’ve uploaded your photos. If you don’t have any photos that you like right now, you can always save your profile and return after taking some new ones. One more thing, remember to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

How to create an eye catching and eye popping profile.

Pick a good profile picture
Your profile picture is what people are going to see first. So, make sure it is high definition quality, not blurry or distorted. A smart phone photo will usually give you the great quality we’re talking about. Obviously, a recent photo is very important as well. We also suggest adding some swag or personality– it can be very helpful and alluring.

Add more photos
Having additional recent photos is important and gives others a better sense of who you are. Make sure you’re alone in the photo and be in a well lit place. Both men and
women want to see most recent full body shots and again preferably pictures with only you in them. This will eliminate the guessing game of trying to decipher which person in the picture is you.

Profile Essay Help  ~ A little bit about myself ~ 

Always be upfront, honest, sincere, and happy about who you are. This will help visiting members determine if they want to know you better. Also, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for an interested member to find things to talk to you about. This is a good thing. If you experience writers’ block, simply try writing about what makes you happy, what’s important to you, what you do for fun, why you joined Finding Amoré, and what you’re looking for (i.e. dating, friendship, serious relationship, marriage, etc).
Note: For any section labeled “Optional” will give you the opportunity of leaving that section blank and keeping it off your profile. But please know, the more you fill out the easier it will be to find your match.


You can access your photos in 2 different ways. Either by going to your profile and clicking on the edit gear icon next to your profile picture or go to your profile and click on photos. Here you will be able to upload photos, rearrange photos, change your profile picture, edit your photo caption and delete your photos. Please adhere to photo rules below.

What photo should I use for my profile picture?
Your profile picture must be a clear picture of your face, preferably from your shoulders up. Your profile picture is very important. It’s what other members will see first in searches and in “Who’s Viewed Me” and “Wants to Meet You” pages and on the notifications page. First impressions do matter so:

  1. Use a very recent, high definition photo, not one that’s blurry, distorted, or an old version of you.
  2. Head shots are great because they show off your beautiful smile.
  3. Make sure you’re alone in the photo. Since this is your profile picture, you don’t want people trying to figure out which person in the photo is you. Or worse, they may admit viewing your profile because they’re interested in the other person in your photo. If you want to upload group photos, save them for your gallery.
  4. Be yourself and remember to smile. Take a picture doing your favorite hobby, sitting with your cat or dog, or other pet you love, watching a live sporting event, etc. Just have fun and always be yourself.

How do I add and make changes to my photos?

Simply go to your profile page and click gear icon by your picture, and click edit profile then locate your photos section. Here you can add photos, change your profile picture, rearrange your photos, delete photos, and add or edit photo captions.

Photo Rules
Your photos must abide by Finding Amoré rules outlined below. Photo rules are described in more detail in our Terms of Use Policy. These rules are put in place to assure a consistently good experience for all members of Finding Amoré.

1. Please adhere to the maximum size and resolution requirements for all photos.
2. You must be clearly present in the photo, no exceptions!
3. No exposure of private parts or full nudity.
4. No extreme close-ups please.
5. You must not add yourself to any background images, See Terms of Use Policy for full details.
6. No obscene or insulting gestures in your photos.
7. No discrimination or racial slurs allowed.
8. No desecration of property or injury to any living thing.

We never want to have to decline or delete your photos. So please follow the rules.

Add Photos
Simply go to your profile page and click gear icon by your picture, and click edit profile then locate your photos section click on “upload photo”. Please adhere to Photo Rules found in our Terms of Use Policy.

Changing your profile picture

Simply find the photo you want to use from your computer and upload it as your Profile Picture. The image that appears in the smaller photo on the top left of your profile page will always be your profile picture. Once you change your profile picture your new picture will appear there. This is the picture other members will see through searches, who’s viewed them, who wants to meet them pages and other areas throughout the site. So make it a good one!

Rearrange Your Photos
Go to your profile, click on the gear icon, click on edit profile, find your photos, and right click the photo you want to move and copy it, then simply right click and paste the picture where you want it to be.

Delete Your Photos
Go to your photos in the edit profile page, and hover your mouse over the photo you want to delete. You will see an “X” in the top right of your photo. Click on the X to delete. Once you click the X you will be asked to confirm your deletion. Click on confirm and the photo disappears from your profile page.

Edit Your Photo Caption

Go to your photos in the edit profile page, and click on gear wheel to the right of your picture, next to the open dialog box, and write in a caption or delete what’s there and add a new caption.


How can I upload a video?
First, watch the 3 videos below that will explain how and why to create a NEW YouTube account to hold your videos and to upload your videos to your Video page.

All members are required to watch the videos below to learn how to create a NEW YouTube account to protect your Identity, adjusting your YouTube settings, uploading a video to YouTube and uploading a video from YouTube to your Video page.

Creating a NEW YouTube account and Protecting Your Identity

Adjusting your YouTube settings and Uploading a video to Youtube

Uploading a video from YouTube to

Please make sure your videos are in line with our Terms of Use Policy.

What is the best Video to create?
Please abide by time allowance for all videos. They are a maximum of 45 seconds for Free Members and 1 minute 20 seconds for Platinum Members. These time limits are strictly enforced. For free members you can upload one video to your profile a month and you’ll be able to change that video once a month. For Platinum members you can upload an unlimited amount of videos to your profile.

While recording your video, just be yourself, be happy and try to be creative. You can be doing something or talking about something you have passion for. Whether it’s cooking a great meal, doing an activity you like (IE: fishing, hiking, gardening, reading a good book, watching a good movie, etc), and try to have your full body in the video. It’s very important that you DO NOT reveal any personal information about yourself in your video. This includes, but is not limited to, any background information, items or location that would provide another your personal information, etc. You can refer to our Terms of Use Policy and Privacy Policy for full details. If you need further help or have questions feel free to Contact us.

What should I do to protect myself while dating online and offline?

While online: Foremost, never give out your personal information whether it’s your full name, home or work address, cell and work phone number, your friends and family personal information and any other information you deem personal and/or confidential.
Likewise, feel free to ask pertinent questions to get to know someone better, but never pry and ask personal information of them. Refer to our Safety Tips page for more in depth suggestions.

With offline dating and meeting in person: follow the same precautions you took with online dating. You may wish to make an exception of providing your contact number; but only if you’ll be using it as another means to communicate and you’re 100% comfortable doing so. Always meet in a well lit public place. And always inform someone you’re close to of whom you’ll be meeting and where you’ll be meeting them. You can always refer to our Terms of Use Policy and Privacy Policy for more information. Refer to our Safety Tips page for more information.


How do I send a good first message?
Sending a message plays an important role in getting to know a man or woman on Finding Amoré. The saying: A great first impression means everything holds very true, and could be the key to further communication. So be creative and feel free to use the tips we listed below.

Before you send a message

Review members entire profile before you send a message! This is an important step in getting to know the person. You’ll discover what their likes and dislikes are as well as what type of person they’re looking for. If you match the type of person they’re looking for then you’ll have some great ideas on how to start a conversation.

You’ll want to make your first message short and sweet. Something like 4 to 5 sentences is about the right length. But don’t be too short that it looks like they’re not worth the time and avoid using abbreviations. You’re not sending a text message. You can comment or ask about their hobbies or interests, their job/career, schooling, or anything else listed on their profile you feel comfortable talking about. This will let them know you’re showing interest and most importantly that you took time out to view their entire profile.

Be honest and let them know why you’re showing interest

People appreciate it when someone is sincere and honest. It’s vitally important you start a new relationship with honesty. Let the person know what interested you enough to contact them. Was it the sparkle in their eyes, their brilliant smile, the books they like to read, or movies they like to watch, the restaurants they like to go to, the food they like to eat, or the activities they’re into? The options are endless. Being sincere, genuine, and honest is always the best approach to getting a reply. Plus, this honesty enables you to comply with the terms and conditions of our site.

Some examples of a first message
“Hello, my name is Carol and I noticed you have a brilliant smile. Your smile is very friendly and sincere. I am interested in getting to know you. Once you view my profile, kindly let me know if you feel the same. Have a beautiful day!”

“Hi, my name is Joe and after viewing your entire profile, I’d really like to know more about you. I love the books you’ve read and the fact you love the outdoors. I’d be happy to hear from you and your thoughts on my profile.”

“Dear Melissa, you did a great job on your profile. It is very thorough. I am interested in meeting a woman like you; and would cherish the opportunity to get to know you better. Please let me know what you think.”

Always, always perform a spell check

Performing a spell and grammar check before you send a message is very important in accomplishing a great first impression. It also helps to make you look serious in your intent. So don’t blow it by sending a message with misspelling and poor grammar. No one likes having to decipher what someone intended to say.

For more helpful advice and online dating tips visit our Finding Amoré blog.


How can I improve my matches?
1. Complete your entire profile, use good grammar, always check your spelling and answer all match making questions.
2. Add several photos that are recent, clear with good lighting, and include full body shots.
3. Finding your true match takes time, patience and consistency. Logging into the site daily to read and respond to messages and make new connections will help you find your true match faster.
4. If you are saying you will only date a man or woman that is 6’ or taller and you find yourself looking at men or women who are 5’8 to 5’10 then adjust the features of the “Who I’m Looking For”, “Message me only if” sections of your profile. The broader your scope, the more selection and matches you’ll have.
5. Become very familiar with the features of the website and be sure to take full advantage of all it has to offer.

How do I Edit My Profile?

It is very important to have a complete profile. It will really help Finding Amoré introduce you to other members. It is also essential in helping other members know you better and will result in more connections. Need advice on what to say in your profile? Visit “Quick tips to creating a phenomenal Finding Amoré profile”.

>Log in to your Finding Amoré account.
>Click on profile
>Click on edit gear icon next to the section of your profile you want to edit or update.
> Once completed click save and you’re done.

How can I have my Photos and Identity Verified?

Verifying your photos and/or identity is an excellent way of letting people know you’re truthful about your appearance, you are who you say you are, you’re credible and honest. These verification’s help increase your interest level to other members as well as improve your reputation on Finding Amoré.*

Any member can request their photos to be verified. Only Platinum members can request to have their identity verified (Coming Soon). To become a Platinum Member go here.

To have your photos verified you must have uploaded a clear and recent profile picture, at least 5 photos that are clear and recent and 1 photo must be a full body shot, and a clear non blurry video uploaded to your video page. Once you have done this simply click on “Request Verification” just below your username.

For verification of photos you must upload a video to your profile. This allows us to verify your photos by comparing them to your video you uploaded. When you upload a video, you will automatically receive a video icon next to your profile name. Your photos must be comparable to your likeness in the video in order to be verified. So please make sure your photos are recent and your video is clear and not distorted. Once verified you will have a verified check mark inserted next to your username and you will have a better chance of meeting more people, since you will be included in a more detailed search criteria.

Once your photos have been verified, you will receive notification and a verified icon will be placed next to your username and you will be included in a more detailed search.

Coming Soon! Please Contact us if you show support of this feature. The verification of identity will be done by using very specialized third party software. You will be asked key questions that only relate to you and your answers are compared to a public database. When a true match has been established by the third party Finding Amoré will be notified and we will place an ID verification icon next to your profile name and photos for quick searches.

** Verification of all member photos and identity is solely for your convenience, are completely dependent on any and all information members provide to Finding Amoré as well as to third parties. This does not mean we in any way can guarantee the true identity of any member. We can only verify what is provided to us. With verifying photos we are only using the photos a member offers in conjunction with the video they provide; hence the only verification given on any member photos is in their physical appearance only. All members online and offline safety is solely the members responsibility. Safety should be the member’s top priority, is the sole responsibility of the member and the member should ask for further verification when warranted.

How do I have icons placed on my profile?

Icons are added automatically. For example, when you create a video and place it on your profile a video icon will automatically be created and placed next to your username.  The same applies for the photo and ID verification icon. We’ll handle all that for you.

How do I subscribe…go Platinum?

Subscribing is very easy and can be done from either your computer or mobile phone. Just simply follow the instructions below.

Subscribing from your computer
To subscribe to Finding Amoré from your computer:
1. Open your web browser, go to, and log into your Finding Amoré account.
2. Select Go Platinum at the top right of the navigation bar.
3. Follow the directions to select a subscription plan and enter your payment information.

Subscribing from the web browser on your mobile phone or touch device

To subscribe to Finding Amoré from the web browser on your mobile phone or touch device:
Follow the same instructions as listed above for “Subscribing from your computer”. The website was built using responsive design. While the look will be different than the desktop look, all the important features are the same and can be found in the same way.

Visible or Invisible Browsing

When browsing other member profiles you will be visible to them, as in they’ll see you visited and checked out their profile. You will then be listed on their Notifications page as “Who’s Viewed Me”. You can change your privacy to invisible, incognito browsing, where you will not be shown to any member when you visit their profile. This is a feature exclusively for Platinum members. If you’re interested in this feature click here.

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